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Winning Brands Corporation is a manufacturer of advanced environmental cleaning solutions and personal care products which are marketed to consumers and industry internationally under a variety of brands and strategic partnerships. It is an emerging public company with shares quoted under the trading symbol WNBD at

Winning Brands solutions are kind to your skin and less harsh in the environment than traditional cleansers. Despite this gentleness, they still perform as well or better than many brands that are more familiar. The result of this work is a portfolio of consumer and industrial cleaning products that have eliminated undesirable pollutants such as phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, and artificial dyes. Winning Brands products are hard working cleaning agents that get your home or workplace clean while being more responsible to rivers, lakes and oceans than ordinary products that have been in widespread use for the past several decades.

Beginning in 2008, Winning Brands products are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which meet or exceed the highest government standards for good manufacturing processes and provide a safe workplace for the people who produce these products for you. By choosing Winning Brands products, consumers support such sustainable and ethical practices. Winning Brands imposes these standards upon itself as a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Our product formulations evolve in order to work with the environment wherever possible, not against it. Continuous research and development is intended to keep our products kind to you and the earth. Being familiar with theoretical and practical research in Universities and by independent scientists is a key to Winning Brands remaining up-to-date. We are agile and can respond quickly to growing insights by international experts as to how to make best use of natural elements and processes. If you are a scientist or inventor who is looking for a way to apply advancements that you have made technically, Winning Brands Corporation is prepared to consider an ethical basis on which to commercialize beneficial developments.

Are you a consumer with chemical sensitivity? People who have experienced adverse reactions to enzymes, bleach or artificial ingredients used in ordinary cleaning products may find a reduction or elimination of those unwanted reactions when using one or more of our products. Winning Brands Corporation is proud of these products and provides a Purchase Price Refund guarantee of satisfaction to the consumer direct, regardless of the store in which the purchase is made. The reason for this extraordinary refund policy is simple – if there is dissatisfaction then there is room for improvement. The most authentic and rapid access to such information for the purpose of continuous quality improvement is from the consumer directly. As a result of close communication with consumers over many years, Winning Brands products have gained a loyal following that continues to grow.

By choosing Winning Brands Corporation products, you the consumer and our public shareholders become stewards of the natural world for the benefit of future generations.

WNBD has designed its business plan to pass through 6 Phases; Initial Operations Phase (Annual Sales less than $1 Million), Implementation Phase (Annual Sales of $1 Million to $3 Million), Growth Phase (Annual Sales of $3 Million to $5 Million), Self-Sustaining Phase (Sales between $5-50 Million), Established Phase (Sales between $50 Million and $100 Million), World Phase (Sales over $100 Million).


In 2007, Winning Brands is in the Initial Operations Phase. The Initial Operations Phase is characterized by more research than sales and more testing than actual distribution. In general terms, this can be thought of as the phase during which the starting foundation is laid for the subsequent phases. It is expected to be approximately one year in duration. The Initial Operations Phase is not a profitable phase. Operational developments of a material nature during the Initial Operations Phase are disclosed by means of News Releases. The Implementation Phase for WBC is targeted to commence during 2008. It is important for investors in an early stage firm of this type to realize that the company's potential resides in its growth prospects within the increasingly important environmental sector related to market developments in this sector - not the company's balance sheet or current financial strength. An investment in Winning Brands Corporation is highly speculative but takes place within a sector widely regarded as growing.

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