TJG's Postings and Commentary

TJG has excellent insight into the works, finances, and methods used by Winning Brands.

The Broad Overview:

Big Box Commentary:

Home Depot:

Advice on Reading News:


The Role of Volume:

Communicating w/ Eric and Eric's Desires:

Surefil Numbers and Projections:

Talk about Kind Detergent:

Surefil & WNBD Expansions:

Developmental Stages of WNBD Commentary:


Is Publix in Our Future?:

Time to Trounce Simple Green:

RocketStock's Marketing and DD Posts

Rocket seems to have some background in marketing that sheds light onto what WNBD could be doing in the near future.

Is $3,000,000 in Profit attainable?

Read about the "Growth Stage" here and What to Expect:

Listing of Products for WNBD:

The start-up kit WNBD is setting each Home Depot (estimate):

Comments on Racks:

A display placed into a high traffic area of the store makes such a BIG difference:

Commentary on the FOX Commercials:

Canadian Tire Retail Information and Commentary:

The Soap Factory:

IMO Bed, Bath and Beyond would be KING:

Home Depot Canada — We're Front and Center

Interesting Home Depot Sales Estimate

About Janovic's Home Design Center (NY):

PRO Group's Distribution Strategy, Product Mix Changing With Times:

Wal-Mart to Only Sell Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent by 2008
(Interesting articles/comments and the push to Green Products.)

Wal-Mart Shipping of Products

More Commentary on the Five Star Group

Quick Info on Val-Test and Pro-Group Distributors in the USA

SMART™Wet Cleaning Chain: Plant Expansion Needed to Meet Demand
Demand for H2Only Cleaners in North Carolina Reaching Capacity Ahead of Schedule:

3rd Truckload of Winning Colours® Multi-Cleaner for Dynamic Paintware in 2007:

Winning Brands Accounts Receivable Credit Facility Increased
to $250,000 (IMPORTANT):

Holland America Line's Dedication to WNBD other Eco-Friendly Commentary

Amsterdam Becomes 8th Cruise Ship Converted:

From the San Antonio Times:

Ethical Consumers and Corporate Responsibility: The Market and Trends for Green Products in Food and Beverage, Personal Care and Household Items:

Comments on Credit, OS, and the Future

Technical (PPS) comments:

Intention for WNBD to invade the US:

Potential Advertising Ideas

WNBD has a Multi-Pronged Approach to Marketing

RS's Discussion of TAs and Penny Stocks:

American Psycho's Postings

AP is excellent at digging up articles and working them into conversations. Well worth reading to get a feeling of the news and history of the company.

Great posts by Mr. Graham regarding Winning Brands Corporation:

Read the FAQ:

Read about the phases of the company's business plan:

000 Commentary:

KIND™ Laundry Products range to go retail in April 2008 at
Toronto’s Green Living Show:

A few user reviews regarding "Winning Colours: Paint & Stain Remover" taken from the Canadian Home Depot website:

SMART™ Wet Cleaning Installed On-Time, On-Budget at Holland America Line
ms Amsterdam becomes 8th Cruise Ship Converted:

More Reviews:

SMART Wet Cleaning Facility Honoured By Texas House Of Representatives:

Publix to allow SMART™ Wet Cleaning as Co-Tenant in U.S. Locations:

SMART™ Wet Cleaning Solutions from Winning Brands
Replaces Perc in Hamilton:


Calif. air regulators ban dry-cleaning chemical
Enact first statewide ban on ‘perc,’ a known carcinogen, by 2023:

SMART(TM) Wet Cleaning Arrives in Toronto as Perc Phase-Out Begins:

Winning Brands Awarded Solvent Free Solutions Contract in Florida to Address Dry Cleaning Pollution in Billion Dollar Industry:

J-Rhino's Commentaries

Legal Aspects of Green Chemistry (Florida)

Home Depot Eco Program Info

Info on the Toronto Green Show

Autom8tion's Info

Info on Pro-Group

Island Stock Transfer. 727-289-0010:

U.S. Investor Forums to Be Given First Hand Experience With Winning Colours:

Klausby8's (firefighter) Review of Clean1 and More

FJ's Posts

FJ always has something to contribute.

FJ's Commentary on Eric's Memos:

Commentary on Surefil's Statements:

Slideshow Showing We Have A REAL Selling Product

LightBeams DD Diggings!

Picture of LightBeam

Winning Brands Gets Midwest Representation for Winning Colours® Multi-Cleaner:

LightBeam As a Test Subject — Testing The Cleaner

BigBlue72's Discoveries features KIND softener:

Plcdoc's Findings

RealPennies launches coverage of Winning Brands Corp.. We spotlight up-and-coming public companies

Berend/Going Rack Pictures

airfrce25's Findings

Nice Intro Commerical from 2006:

Soapy Bubble's Stuff

Prelude to Marine Contracts

Look How News Corp Fits into the "World Phase"

Dry Cleaning Industry as MAJOR Revenue

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