Eric Lehner, CEO

The plan of the CEO of Winning Brands Corporation, Eric Lehner, is to remain focused on making progress toward long term fundamentals. Mr. Lehner has remarked publicly on many occasions that the tendency of North American companies to plan for short term gains over long term achievement is overdue for a change. The emerging global economy mixes practices of successful companies and societies with longer term horizons. There is in his view an increasing sophistication in the standard which is applied to the term "success". Socially responsible work environments, meaningful interaction with customers, continuous quality improvement are only some of the "new" basics according to Mr. Lehner.

He feels that the days of chasing immediate bumps in earnings, unnatural price-per-share movements or any other measurement of the company's progress are discredited by the emergence of massive long term thinking organizations whose businesses span generations and continents.

Any prospective investor should know that Winning Brands Corporation's mission of replacing hazardous chemicals in widespread use with safer alternatives is designed to last a lifetime; "work worthy of a generation". The company's progress in being part of the solution for a world whose ecosystems are under stress, rather than being part of the problem requires an evolution in the public's behaviour as well. Such changes amongst the public do not come easily or quickly, as habits are difficult to change.

On a strictly business level however Winning Brands Corporation is exceptionally well positioned to benefit from the increasing urgency in these matters. Governments are beginning to impose regulations which are ahead of the public's level of awareness. All WBC products are designed with this in mind.

It is the official planning precept of Winning Brands Corporation that Climate Change (often described as Global Warming) is a real phenomenon and worsening. WBC is acting now to position itself to be relevant with cleaning solutions (and perhaps other chemicals) which are oriented toward improving the status quo of water quality internationally. Water quality is not directly related to CO2 emissions and carbon load as a causative element, but plays a part in preserving the eco-integrity of all natural bodies of water whose eco-systems will be under new stresses.

Changing characteristics of ocean currents, precipitation, evaporation, non-native species of plant life, insects and other biological content in lakes, rivers and the seas all tax the ecosystems to work hard in coping with change. In other words, these factors are all interconnected. Winning Brands Corporation designs cleaning solutions that are as beneficial as possible, thus will experience increasing demand.

Also Eric has made the following statement:

"I honestly believe that the best contribution that I can make to our investors is to be reliable about the following things:

  • Tell the shareholders the truth
  • Work hard to build the company in real terms, not as a market play
  • Let the market know through authentic News Releases when we have had progress or setbacks so that the market can decide upon its own valuation
  • Take a long term view so that deep, important principles determine our future, not short term daily trading psychology"

This statement forms the core of his ethical conduct and appraoch to WNBD.

Mr. Lehner's plan to increase shareholder value:

  • Shareholder value ultimately reflects the desirability of the company in its marketplace, both for its products and it shares.
  • Desirability is in turn derived from legitimate success in material terms through the growth of assets (physical or intangible), goodwill and brand recognition.

Lorne Kelly, Snr. VP., Winning Brands Group



Patricia Diane Miles, National Sales Manager

Patricia Miles brings 30 years of experience in the management of sales departments that offer large SKU assortments (Stock-Keeping Units). Those organizations exhibited strong growth during her tenure. Del Laboratories (Canada) Inc, manufacturer of the world's leading brand of nail care, Sally Hansen(R), experienced growth in sales from $3 Million annually to over $50 Million in the division for which Ms. Miles was responsible during her service there. She also held progressively responsible positions at Canada's leading drug store chain Shoppers Drug Mart, where she functioned both in purchasing for Shoppers Drug Mart and sales management of specified products. Ms. Miles has conducted extensive business in the United States and is a North American business executive. The pattern established during her business career has been to develop and maintain mutually profitable relationships with retail chain buyers and deliver customer service to a standard of excellence that is required in today's complex "systems environment." Her responsibilities have included the management of top level accounts, such as Del's Wal-Mart account amongst others. In these management roles Ms. Miles has gained a reputation for attention to operational detail and retaining a positive spirit amongst her contributing staff group.


Tracy Mulhall, Winning Brands Manager for Canadian Tire Account


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