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Shareholder YouTube Videos demos showing performance of Winning Colours, Clean1 and Kind Laundry Soap - Updated 11/07/2009

Executive Presentation

Television Promotions

2008 FOX TV Ad

2008 Walmart Targeted Ad

2008 Benjamin Moore Targeted Ad

2008 "Everyone Loves Raymond TV" Bumper Ad

2008 Hirshfield's Targeted TV AD

2008 CW Public Service Announcement

This clip is the Television Public Service Announcement that WUCW in Minneapolis-St. Paul is staring to air immediately for 3 months. This is not "instead" of our commercial, but in addition to it and will have high viewership. The station is reaching out this summer to viewers and has chosen our company to partner with in the development of a message to this sector.

2008 Hackett's Targeted TV Ad

Second 2008 CW Public Service Announcement

Third 2008 CW Public Service Announcement

Fourth 2008 CW Public Service Announcement

2008 Multi-Store Canadian TV Advertisement

Three Targeted TV Ads From Clean My Space

Clean My Space Commercial: Wine (2009)

Clean My Space Commercial: Food(2009)

Clean My Space Commercial: Pets (2009)

YouTube Video (2006) about WNBD!

1000+ Videos (Chinese)

First Video:
Second Video:
Third Video:

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