Over the years Winning Brands Corporation has developed a portfolio of proprietary chemical formulations for use as cleaning solutions and personal care products, often on a private label basis.

These products combine unique performance characteristics that many consumer cleaning products have not been able to deliver previously. These formulations are proven in labs and the marketplace to deliver performance and strength on the one hand yet are kind to the environment and human health & safety on the other. This combination of traditionally opposite product characteristics is the foundation of Winning Brands’ commercial advantages due to the distinction that this provides. Historically, cleaning liquids have tended to be either strong or safe - one or the other - but not usually both.

In the case of Winning Brands Corporation’s personal care products, performance characteristics have always been designed to possess distinctive attributes rather than being “standardized”. In coming years, Winning Brands Corporation will increase the profile of its products through staged roll-outs and brand launch programs with strategic retail partners.

Winning Colours Cleaner

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See it in action!

For your interest, I have attached a sequence of photos that I took during a trial that I conducted myself. I usually drive a vehicle with company markings and occasionally pull over and start cleaning an article of public property to add to our first hand experience in real settings. You will note from the photos below that the only “tool” used was a scouring sponge and warm water (because it was winter), plus effort of course. No gloves were required. Unskilled labour will suffice. No technical knowledge is required.


Clean1 Cleaner

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Kind Laundry Products

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