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Theatre by the Bay Event

April 27th, the first such event with Winning Brands’ involvement, The Stars Come Out, was held in Ontario. 22 performances were given during the evening by highly accomplished stage talent, which donated their time for a large paying audience so that proceeds could be used for the benefit of the community. In the 1st Act, between the 8th and 9th performance, Winning Brands was given a special role in defining the evening. This was carried out by The Wine Ladies, who took the opportunity of describing to the concert hall audience what star quality the event’s sponsor Winning Colours Stain Remover had in its own right. Throughout the entire evening and all performances, a Winning Colours Stain Remover display banner remained on stage as an enduring symbol of Winning Brands’ commitment and work in this project.


Tib Interviews Eric During April 2009

(Rough Copy — Reformatted for the Wiki)

2.5 hour phone call with Eric on April 8th 2009

Yesterday morning there was some posts asking if anyone had contacted Eric with reference to the 504 recently filed. At 11:02 I sent him an email, asking if he had time for a call. 2 minutes later the phone rang. It was Wife to Be. Needing ride. Got back in office ~ approx 1:15, scanning emails found one from Eric, time stamp 11:05. I called immediately. Got a answering system. I thought this is new. Listened to instructions, Neat, have to Say Names, not punch in ext. numbers. I waited for the sales pitch, including the Production plant phone number is …..,said 'Eric Lehner' got, transferring to E L', ring, ring, Voice mail announcement, Pressed 0. Got main menu. Pressed 0 again, ring, ring, Got someone else's voice mail. Hung up, Send Email to Eric saying I had tried to call and got hung up.

I had also also adjusted my email rules to print the email, as well as play a sound when mail comes from Eric. (Speakers were off at 11:00). Printer started.

Email from Eric, saying, 'New phone system, techies installing right now. Please try again. I did. He answered. An hour later, I see posts like, 'OK Tib, what's the scup'…. and so it goes.. (sorry, a bit of Eric must have rubbed off). 2 more hours final said goodbye.

Now to the good stuff. Summary contains characterizations that are approximate.

Questions I had from the forum.

  1. Are you required to file 504 documents
  2. What % discount would they get
  3. Fees paid, $ or shares
  4. 504 was that an old one or a new one.
  5. Would/could you call them and ask them if they are selling.
  6. Conference call
  7. Timing of news releases
  8. Lowes
  9. Italy, - All staff safe. - YES
  10. Military
  11. Kind, marketing plans
  12. Use of CD's
  13. Use of A/R financing.
  14. Do you have stock on hand for Lowes
  15. Lead time at Surfil
  16. Dirty bottle tops

1) 'Are you required to file 504 documents?'
Yes - but, Old system Paper, New system On-line. Rules for when to file have been in dispute. Suppose to be in 15 days from an event. What is an event, Making the 504 plan, Starting to talk to people, selling first share, Selling all planned $ in initial plan. New rules seem to have been clarified to say, file online for every event.

2) 'What discount would private investors get?'
Well that depends on number and size of offer, and market conditions. It could be anywhere from 10 to 50 %. 'So 15 - 30%?' Well 15 is low, I try stay around 15% 'Offline calc, .006 * .75 = .0045' (reasonable)

3) 'Where the fees paid for the 504 agent $ of shares?'
Dollars. But he earned them. His job is to vet the investors and ensure they qualify as private sophisticated investor, and they understand that it's in their best interest to behave responsibly. I believe he did a good job of that.

4) 'Was this a new or old 504?'
Some how this one didn't get asked

5) 'Would/could you call them and ask them if they are selling?'
Well I could, but then I might be influencing them, Or If I gave them some inside information, it would compromise their position to be able to buy and sell openly, (The right of ALL retail Holders). I trust the Agent that put us together has picked responsible investors, This has been the case in the past and I believe so this time too.

I have many potential investors calling and I tell them I am very selective. And have no great need so I can be selective.

6) 'Would you be receptive to setting up a conference call?'
Yes - Conceptually I agree with that. The timing is a different issue. I would like to do that in the near future and talk about and explain Actual facts and events timings in the past, rather than right now and talk around future events that are not in my immediate control.

7) Timing of news releases - not on my list but came up, listed in wrong order.
Some complaints about the timing of news release can be dispelled by this little story. 'I sent a news release to the wire service one morning. Before noon, we received a email saying that the attachment is PDF format and it has to be a JPG. We locate a converter and send the corrected version. It got release at ~3:30. We have very little if any control over this.' These all cost money too, right? "Yes, good point, annual subscription fee and per release fee"

8) I want to ask you, What can you tell me about LOWES, well really I want to ask,
WHAT CAN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT Lowes? (This probably took 40 minutes) Well first Eric wanted to talk a bit about last March's Memo, and the fact that the minor mention of
national account probably should have said Canadian national account, although discussions, at that time were ongoing on both sides of the border, I should have realized that a large percentage of board members are in the USA and would assume national account meant US, but Wal-Mart Canada is a national account, and a big one and we are very happy to have them 'There are many decision makers inside an organization as large as Lowes. The upper management, middle management, and local levels. There is usually a corporate culture, and in this case, the Upper level likes to have a good buy in by the other levels and not seem to be railroading them.'

My notes may be a bit out of sequence here

Corporately there has been a freeze on change and new product introduction for some time now, as you can imagine given the current economic issues. Some at that level see the benefit of bending rules as do some at the local level and getting consensus on a concept is one thing, but then to get it on the detailed plan to implement is another. During this period, we successfully, and it's rare, got permission to use the Logo on our web site. Many issues need to be settles. Who is to warehouse the inventory.
Which stores will be allowed to Bend the 'Freeze' rules. The process of authorizing new vendors requires documentation, Different levels depending on who is buying, local, regional, national. All these issues are being worked on. (Me. "And you have to wrestle with the question, how often to I call and check on how things are going for fear of getting the door shut, cause sometimes the client will just take that easy route.) RIGHT, but C.E. Norman, Lowes account rep is great at figuring that out. He has such a great relationship with the people he has been dealing with that he has even received a phone call on a Sunday, asking what could be done from their end to help the process along. (Me, So if you got a call tomorrow saying, GO, you have inventory ready, or would you have to call Surfil) We have inventory.

9) Italy, Earthquake.
I asked if our connections there were affected and he thanked me for the concern. No, they were on the West coast and the issues are mostly on the East of Italy

10) Military?
We have made the connections to the right people and got approved for listing for orders from the base's stores. This is step one. This may also start the ball rolling for full military awareness, as soldiers knowledge of products used at home carries over to their work environment. It's a process and following logical steps will get you there.

11) Kind, marketing plans
To be honest, I asked this question, and did not get a reply. Either we had other thoughts still in progress, I was not forceful, ( I think WC is best to stay up front for now) or Eric
wanted to side step the issue, "I'm not sure which of these really applies".

12) Use of CD's - Perhaps Rocket can add something here.
My understanding that a CD 'Convertible Debenture' is a loan that can be converted to shares. In raising funds, one can use 504's or cd's. if the end game is to make lots of money and then do what,
a) pay dividends (Taxable)
b) buy back shares (Capital gains, better tax issue)
c) spend it, so shareholders as screws.

Eric’s plan is b. If a CD is used it defeats the purpose, as it converts back to shares again.

(These are long term issues and we didn't spent to much time on them.)

13) Use of A/R financing. THIS WAS GOOD.
They have 1/2 million in place to fund A/R for Invoice able product. They have a good rep with Bibby and have had discussion on how and when this can be raised to 7 figures.
It can't be used to produce samples or speculative Inventory. They have recently contacted and arranged with suppliers (bottles, labels, chemicals, etc.) that for invoice able orders, WNBD does not have to pay their vendors, until WNBD receives the money from the customers.

14) Do you have stock on hand for Lowes
I slipped that into the answer for q 8. YES

15) Lead time at Surfil
Good question. As much as it's great being able to get product produces fast, we have to deal with the fact that they have other customers and we can't make an order today and get it tomorrow. Good planning needs and is in place. We also have to tread lightly with regards to maintaining a in-house production facility, so as not to make Surfil uneasy,
but still give us the flexibility of rush orders, and custom orders, and a leg up in negotiation. (not all eggs in one basket)

16) Dirty bottle tops - I notices this last week-end at Home Depot.
Wings and Things(right?) reps have added that as a column on their report sheets. Our bottle tops are relatively square - allowing dust to stay on. Our bottles are white, dust show up more. Back stock rotation habits, old stock at back finally gets to front. Basically 'We are aware and addressing this'

..) A few other things.
Eric said he has been mulling over the idea of a Stock promotion Plan, and that it would be best to have it ready before needed, so it could be used at the most advantages time.

..) No pictures on office walls 'Look bare' Posts..
Staff should be looking at their work on their desk, not the walls… 'Right now, I can see a list of clients and internal Phone numbers pinned up on Maggie’s work station wall. That would come down before a visitor with a camera came in.'

Wine Ladies Update

Hello Steven,

Would you be good enough to share this with i-Hub?

Thank you,
Eric Lehner, CEO

Hi Eric,

Last week at the Hamilton Food and Drink Fest on the Saturday night our promotional delivery vehicle experienced
some graffiti with black felt markers, in the  way of mustaches on  Georgia’s and my face! This is the 1st time this has 
ever happened and after I got over the shock and started to laugh I thought, “now what”? Well. Patricia to the rescue! 
She said “no problemo, this will come off with Winning Colours Stain Remover.” I said no way! She said “yes way!”

Well this afternoon I thought I would give it a try, much to my delight , in less than 5 minutes and minimal elbow grease 
we are now mustache free yet again. This stuff is absolutely amazing, I thought you might enjoy the pictures and this 
will make a great story on the radio show when Patricia is on the 18th of April  and I will post a mini BLOG on our site too.

Thank-you Winning Colours from The Wine Ladies! Please see attached pictures.

Susanne Seelig-Mense

The Wine Lady

Doogdilinger's Coverage of WNBD from the March 2009 Visit!

Anyways I see that Soapy had a few photo's from my visit posted so I'll begin this follow up report by first confirming that Eric logged onto the transfer agent website of Island Stock Transfer right in front of me at 4:15PM & I was able to confirm that the current O/S as of Friday's close was exactly the same number as currently reported in question #6 on WNBD's FAQ section of their website:

1,123,307,353 Shares Outstanding.


WNBD's office is located along the Lakeshore in Barrie Ontario. It's on the 2nd floor of a two story business complex at 11 Victoria Street and Eric's office is in the south/east corner, meaning he has a nice view of Lake Simcoe which is directly east of their offices with only Lakeshore Drive & the beachfront between WNBD's office & the lake(no other buildings obstucting the view). I point this out because Lakeshore Drive here in Barrie is prime commercial/retail property & I specifically asked Eric how long they'd been at their present location and he told me they'd been there approximately 6 years now.

Anyways, I arrived at Winning Brands at 2pm and Eric showed me around their offices and introduced me to everyone that was still there; himself(Eric Lehner Chairman/CEO), Lorne Kelly Senior VP, Patricia Miles National Sales Manager, Shabir Lalany Production Manager, Mike Kostrich CFO, Maggie and Tammy from the office staff.

Eric then brought me into the boardroom where he proceeded to assemble Lorne, Patricia, Mike, Shabir & himself for a sit down meeting with me. Eric began the meeting by explaining how they're very careful to not divulge any non-public material to any visitors and had me give one of the office ladies my license so they could photocopy it & also had me sign an Agreement of Purpose and Confidentiality.

Eric then advised me that now that he had assembled everyone and explained how careful they'd be about how much they'd be allowed to discuss…that I was welcome to begin asking questions of everyone around the table. So I began with Patricia and Lorne by asking them about their relationship building processes with all the mainstream retailers in Canada, the United States & the rest of the planet.

Both Lorne & Patricia took some time to explain their backgrounds and both of them provided me with very detailed insights on how each retailer has their own way of doing biz and how a retailer like Home Depot for example will differ in the way a product gains entry into the USA compared to how a product gains entry into Canada…so although it's definitely a MAJOR bonus to have already gained a successful entry into a mainstream retailer in Canada like Home Depot…that doesn't necessarily mean a product automatically gains entry into Home Depot USA, it just helps a lot because Home Depot USA obviously can rely on the numbers & feedback already provided by Home Depot Canada when contemplating the prospects of giving Winning Brands shelf space in Home Depot USA k.

I won't bother going over ALL the details of this extensive conversation on the subject of mass mainstream retailer penetration but suffice to say Eric, Patricia, Lorne and Shabir all provided a ton of detailed feedback on all my questions. In fact at one point Eric had one of the office ladies bring in a large binder chock full of their orders on a week by week basis! Eric & Lorne then added the orders from just this past week and the total was approx. $65K so when one does the math on just this past weeks orders…it would add up to $3.38M in one year IF this was the weekly average!!!

BUT Eric was very careful to explain that due to their ongoing growth endeavors it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to give confirmed projections on their projected sales figures for 2009 since every week their order book will differ…& with each passing month their ongoing negotiations with new retailers in the USA & abroad in places like China, India & especially Australia(which I got the distinct impression was gonna be a HUGE revenue driver I might add) are that much closer to coming online!!!

In fact Eric explained how several global entities continue to attempt to entice WNBD with lucrative private labeling offers for Winning Colours to which Eric & his entire executive team will simply NOT do as they're all driven to make Winning Colours the world's top selling stain remover & to do so means brand building without ever succumbing to even one lucrative private label deal…because quite frankly even one private label deal would open WNBD up to a client stealing WMBD's formula's for example…or transferring the power to the client because once partnered the client could then turn around & pressure WNBD to lower their profit terms as the contract terms played out! So kudo's to WNBD for understanding the importance of maintaining their Winning Colours branding power & not jumping at the many private label offers already received from around the globe 'cause IMO this is going to be key to their ultimate goal of becoming the world's top selling stain removing product!!!

As far as the 2008 numbers go everyone assembled at the table agreed that the entire year of 2008 was about establishing long term relationships with all the retailers now in their stable…& therefore the focus from 2008 was about securing multiple long term relationships/contract commitments with all the retailers they've already secured & therefore the sales figures from last year would be nowhere near as high as the sales figures from this year. So when I asked Eric if they'd be PR'ing 2009 sales projection numbers he reminded me that WNBD's policy is to not PR numbers they can't possibly project due to the fact that each week/each month that's unfolding…the sales/order numbers are in constant motion as more & more retailers begin carrying WNBD's products. So for the time being he's just not comfortable giving projections that at this point they just have know way of knowing what will ultimately be…but that he would still PR ALL relevant events of a material nature like the pending Lowe's roll out & the Australian retailer as yet to be officially named!!!

So going back to what I mentioned previously about the order book status from this past week…I did confirm that orders continue to flow in & Eric will definitely PR all relevant events of a material nature & will definitely begin to ramp up their transparency factors as they go cashflow positive in the next little while here.

In fact Eric & Mike both explained to me that Mike has been on board from the start keeping WNBD's books in order…& when it's feasible cash wise to take on the inherent expenses associated with providing fully audited financials WNBD is already fully prepared & that for sure this is definitely going to occur as WNBD goes cash flow positive in the coming months & that they don't have much remaining debt on the books as it is. So if I were to make a guess I'd say it's not beyond the realm of possibility that given another few months of expansion of their global footprint WNBD will in fact begin the process of taking on the associated expenses of providing fully audited fins…but for now the majority of their resources are being put into continued brand building & market penetration endeavors!!!

As far as the near term expectations go…I can safely say that IMO we'll definitely be getting the Lowe's roll out PR & the Australian retailer PR on the near term horizon…& everyone I met friday on WNBD's executive roster struck me as highly motivated & extremely organized individuals working as one grounded & highly motivated well rounded TEAM to meet their ambitious growth goals…& as far as penny stock start ups go this company is totally the real deal & driven to deliver tangible results from all the hard work that goes into mass market penetration on a global scale!!!

I also confirmed that this latest round of 504 funding has given WNBD all the cash they required to meet their near term objectives & that they already have scaleable inventory financing terms to meet their current increased expansion initiatives. So for anyone doubting this co.'s abilities to attract new more favorable non-dilutive financing terms now that they're global expansion endeavors are about to be propelled to the next levels…I wouldn't want to be under-estimating WNBD at this precise juncture. Because personally after spending 2 & a half hours with this executive roster I have all the confidence in the world that this company will in fact begin attracting new breeds of investors the moment the Lowe's & Aussie retailer roll out PR's hit the wires & fully expect WNBD is a story stock in the making not seen often in ones entire penny playing careers…Eric Lehner & his executive team simply aren't willing to risk all they're in the process of accomplishing by pumping out mind blowing projections PR's which they COULD EASILY DO…they're simply more focused on building real & verifiable growth which they will always be able to fully support…because they will continue to forge ahead in a sound/methodical/well thought out fashion without playing any penny PR-pump machine games…best of success to all:)


Clean My Space Coverage!

Melissa Maker of Clean My Space, Patricia Miles National Sales Director Winning Brands Corporation and Maggie Jarvis, Executive Assistant to Eric Lehner, CEO Winning Brands Corporation discussing the taping of the next generation of Winning Colours Stain Remover TV commercials in which Ms. Maker will be the spokesperson attesting to the role of Winning Colours in providing customer satisfaction to her clients.


Melissa Maker of Clean My Space, Patricia Miles National Sales Director Winning Brands Corporation and Tammy Ritchie, Customer Service Manager Winning Brands being introduced to Canada’s “First Lady” Laureen Harper, wife of Prime Minister Steven Harper. The occasion was to mark the celebration of the contribution of women to the success of Toronto’s Albany Club, marking the 30th anniversary of women as members. The Albany Club will be the venue for a media event in May 2009 celebrating the cooperation of The Wine Ladies and Winning Brands Corporation to draw awareness to the arrival of Winning Colours Stain Remover into the Wine & Spirits industry. The Albany Club is known for its appreciation of fine wine through specialized events for members.


The Wine Ladies!


The Wine Ladies received the following:

Would appreciate if you can you recommend a product that instantly cleans up red wine stains on my shirt and tie when I'm out for dinner.
Thank You.

Of course, the Ladies responded:


Thanks for your question. We have just recently discovered a FANTASTIC product for that very subject.

Let's talk about red wine stains. There are many home remedies out there, and some of them work better than others. We have a tip of our own about wine stains. An important part of the answer is to have something to reach for ready and waiting to clean-up that little disaster - something convenient, easy and tidy. The best kept secret amongst wine lovers is actually in the Paint Department! It's called Winning Colours Stain Remover. It's different than other stain removers because it's so gentle on skin and fabric, but still so useful to immediately neutralize and dissipate the wine spill. The Winning Colours Stain Remover is available at Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, The Home Depot and Home Hardware. We highly recommend it!

CNN Money thought it was cool too. Check it out!

Georgia and Susanne
The Wine Ladies

Green Supplier Spotlight

This e-mail broadcast is being sent to 8,801 members of the North American hospitality industry who are subscribers to “Green Lodging News” overnight. If you want to read about the target audience, please visit the homepage. Note: The format of the email differs from the below presentation due to formatting restrictions on the Wiki.


An 'Eco-Classic'—Better Than Ever!

More Information:


Environmental responsibility is no longer a fad because the stakes are high. Some cleaning products suppliers are scrambling to meet this need by asking sub-contract formulators to give them the solution. Similarity in the new "green cleaners" is the result. By contrast, older eco-suppliers of green products have demonstrated a desire to be original when leadership mattered, showing commitment to be in the eco-space before it was popular. Such truly creative business partners could be a value-added resource to your own bottom line now.

Winning Brands began in the early 1970s in the Niagara Region, becoming known locally as a boutique manufacturer of unexpectedly high performing cleaning products that were also much gentler on the environment (and people) than the norm. Management honours this legacy by constantly reviewing and refreshing the best from this unique beginning. You could say they are continuously "digitally re-mastering" to give us the best of their original insights with enhancements that were not previously possible.


Winning Colours® Stain Remover is one of the products in their range. Unlike ordinary stain removers, it is remarkably gentle on skin and fabrics, removing even oil-based stains, glue residue, bodily fluids and other "tough stuff" from delicate surfaces. Even paint messes on fabric can be cleaned up because of Winning Colours'® unusual characteristic of working with water, unlike solvent stain removers. It's an "eco-classic"—more useful now than ever. Winning Brands provides samples at no charge to readers of Green Lodging News. For samples, simply e-mail ac.sdnarbgninniw|lirpa#ac.sdnarbgninniw|lirpa.

Contact Winning Brands at (866) 722-3542
E-mail Contact: ac.sdnarbgninniw|lirpa#ac.sdnarbgninniw|lirpa

CW Twin Cities Promotion


The CW Twin Cities 2nd Annual Free To Be Green Event is September 20th at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory!

Living green isn’t a fad – it’s a way of life and its here to stay. Small changes to your daily routine can add up to big differences in helping to stop global warming. The time to come together to solve this problem is now – take action!

The CW Twin Cities is proud to have it’s 2nd annual Free To Be Green campaign, designed to educate viewers on how to conserve, be ecologically aware and offer simple steps Minnesotans can take in their everyday life that can have a large impact on the environment and their pocketbook.

This important initiative will once again be held at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory on September 20th, 2008 from 10am to 4pm. The event will create an interactive and educational day for children and adults. Green passport conversation stations will be set up throughout Como Park Zoo to inform families about environmental issues facing Minnesota, while offering an interactive and fun learning experience at each stop.

Come enjoy a day at the zoo and learn more about how to be green from The CW Twin Cities!



Ordinary household cleaners and solvents tend to have potentially toxic chemicals. Pour them down the drain and they can make their way into groundwater. Winning Brands Corporation is an environmental company. We manufacture advanced cleaning solutions to give you positive choices for a cleaner world. Our mission is to replace hazardous chemicals in widespread use with safer alternatives.

clean_air_choice.jpg, brought to you by the American Lung Association, is your source for information on cleaner energy alternatives. Learn where you can find Biodiesel fuels, how you can protect the air quality, and much more.


At Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, conservation is a part of our mission. Our goal is to take an active role in helping to conserve our planet's resources - plants, animals, and whole ecosystems, while inspiring our guests to value the presence of living things in their lives. As a model for others, Como staff works to preserve resources and operate in an environmentally responsible, efficient, safe and sustainable manner.


The average Twin Cities commuter puts about 2.6 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere every year by driving alone to work. You can lighten your impact on the environment by leaving your car at home more often and still get where you need to be. Metro Transit can help you Go Greener.

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